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Tryouts for the Fall 2019 Season August 3rd & 4th

BVYA Select Baseball

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the age group or classifications that BVYA will offer?

               Based on player availability, we will offer the following USSSA classifications

               NEW *** 9U-AA             10U-AA                11U-AAA              11U-MAJOR        12U-AA                12U-AAA              13U

What is the difference in AA, AAA, and Majors?

               Simply put it is a classification based on player or team ranking and skill sets. A “AA” team is probably made up of younger first year select players where as a MAJOR team would be ranked in the top 10% in the NATION as far as skill set. These are the classifications we use when we enter tournaments.

When does the BV Select season start?

               Tryouts for fall season are August 3rd & 4th at Schertz Ball Park. Season normally runs September 7th thru December 8th..   

Are tryouts open to anyone?

Yes, anyone can tryout for the age group.

Is there a fee to try out for select?


How are players selected for a team?

               Coaches will do the selecting. It is 100% up to them who makes what team or if a player makes a team.

Can I sign up my player to do both BV Select AND BVYA Pony Baseball?

               As a parent we can’t tell you that you can’t. BUT we HIGHLY discourage doing both. This is a scheduling and wear and tear issue. Select will practice twice a week and play tournaments on Saturdays and Sundays. BVYA Pony will practice once a week, play 2-3 games per week including Saturdays. It is virtually impossible to not have a conflict and from a health standpoint, don’t burn out your kid. This should be fun, not a 7 day a week ordeal.

 What kind of playoffs does USSSA have for our teams?

            The plan is for BVYA Select teams to participate at the USSSA World Series in the Dallas area in July.

As a BVYA Select parent, am I expected to do field maintenance and those other things that the rec league teams do?

            YES. Select teams will be assigned a field maintenance day and help with post season tournaments.  ALL BVYA teams have to help with our responsibilities around both complexes.

 Will I be playing select games at Schertz Ball Park?

            No. USSSA tournaments, depending on classification, will play around the San Antonio-New Braunfels-San Marcos areas. Travel is involved. Entry fees into tournaments are required.  MAJOR classification team could have to go to Austin, Dallas or Houston for some tournaments.

BVYA Rec ball has a player participation rule, does BV Select?

            No. Players earn their playing positions. Coaches will determine who plays where and when. It is a FACT that in select, your player ‘could’ sit out a game and not play. That said, coaches are there to teach and help them achieve a higher level of skill set. They will make every effort to get all the kids playing time when the game situation allows it.

Will BV Select have a fundraiser?

            Yes. The goal is to raise money to help offset expenses to send teams to the USSSA World Series in July.

How much does this cost?

                Monthly fee of 100.00 for Fall Season. New player set up fee is 260.00. 

Players are furnished two sets of complete uniforms, batting helmet. and team entry into tournaments. Our fees cover the costs of game balls and umpires at each tournament.

Who does BV Select report to?

            BVYA Select is a division of BVYA. All funds and expenses are handled the same as we do in any other sports. BV Select has a Director who reports to the Board of Directors.

Does BV Select have a refund policy?

The initial $260.00 is non-refundable. If a player is on the payment plan, they simply stop making payments. If they paid the full amount in advance, then the league will refund any FULL months left. If you quit in the middle of a month, the refund would only be for the remaining FULL months only.

 For further info please contact our BVSB Commissioner Tony Kinkade by texting 210-859-5000.